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The Relief Group care greatly about families and understand the neccessity in families being able to access services wthout the barrier of childcare.

Support services can make a massive difference to the lives of families and can in turn contribute to better outcomes for the children.

Community engagement activities can provide a well needed break for parents, whilst the childcare support provides the child with fun, engaging activities linked to the EYFS,  and the opportunity to learn new skills whilst having fun.


We want to ensure that all families can utilise the services and activities available to them within the community.

Our Childcare Support Services are geared to the family groups .

With our multi-cultural team, we are in a great place to usually match creche workers to the mother tongue of the family if required. Contact us for more details.

The Relief Group use every possible safety measure when planning and delivering childcare support services.


We always visit the proposed venue in advance and we work to Ofsteds National Standards in childcare, with a higher child: staff ratio.

Safety measures and equipment are not an additional cost at The Relief Group.

All our electrical equipment is PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) tested and the following is included:


  • Venue visit in advance

  • Written risk assessment

  • Staff trained in “Safeguarding Children” 

  • Minimum of 1 first aid qualified staff per 8 children

  • Public Liability Insurance 

  • Employers Liability Insurance 


Please contact us to discuss further on 020 3726 9996

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